Dr. Reich at Work

Dr. Reich at work.


Photo Credit: The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust ©

About Dr. Reich

There is a great deal of information available.

Strangely, much of that information is clouded over by prejudice and ignorance. Dr. Reich's ideas can speak for themselves and allow the reader to come to her own conclusion regarding the work of Reich.

If you would like a good online summary of his life, go here for a concise biography. A brief but insightful discussion of his concept of orgone energy can be read here.

There have been numerous biographies written about Dr. Reich. One of the best is written by a former colleague of his, Dr. Myron Sharaf. Fury On Earth: A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich is a comprehensive and engaging look at the person as well as a good accounting of the last years in the USA.

Source material for anyone interested in Dr. Reich's work is contained in American Odyssey: Letters & Journals, 1940-1947 . This is a wonderful book with insights into how he was developing his new discoveries during the exceptionally productive period of time after his arrival in the USA.

For a look into the years after 1947 until his death, the beginning of the anti-Reich campaign, Where's the Truth?: Letters and Journals, 1948-1957 was published in 2012. It chronicles his experiments in working with orgone energy and gives insight into how he dealt with the FDA witch hunt that eventually resulted in his imprisonment.

Of course, there is much more material available, and we will discuss the above mentioned books and articles plus other material in upcoming posts on this web site.

One good place to start, whether you know a little or a lot about Dr. Reich, is the summaries of presentations given at the International Conference on Orgonomy that was presented by the Italian Association of Orgonomy in October, 2013. This gives one a look at the current state of Reich's ongoing influence in science, medicine, and psychiatry, from an European view. It does contain a lot of phrases that are unique to the study of Reich.

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